Passion leads to Purpose


I’ve said and heard others say, “I’m not really passionate about what I’m doing”. What does that mean? Is it just a cop out for not wanting to do what is required of us at times? Do we really need to be so passionate about everything we do? Aren’t some things just necessary to move things forward, thus may involve less passion to accomplish a task while focusing on the bigger picture?

Do we major on the minors or do we have a plan, a goal, a driving force behind what, when and how we do things? Purpose Driven.

If we are so passionate about something, shouldn’t we be overwhelmed with a sense of responsibility to make it happen. No matter the amount of mundane jobs it takes to accomplish? Again focusing on the big picture….

What are we passionate about? This leads us to purpose. Lastly, I believe passion is great when its harnessed and moving towards a target.



  1. the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. “the purpose of the meeting is to appoint a trustee”
  2. have as one’s intention or objective. “God has allowed suffering, even     purposed it”

What is my Purpose? Do I have a calling? What’s the problem with these questions? They’re both centered around me! What’s MY purpose? Do I have a calling? In these, I am the star of my own self directed movie…. Not bad questions to ask, but it may require us to get out of the spotlight and place the focus on someone else. My prayer is to find purpose in the center of Gods will. Which is going to require divine intervention because at my core I’m a very selfish person and I cannot do it on my own. (Pride, but that’s a whole other post)

Purpose can be an unquenched desire and one I’m quite certain we’ve all struggled with at times. Without purpose we create voids in our lives. Purpose to me is a result of a passion to intentionally achieve something greater than ourselves.

Your thoughts? If you read this looking for answers, sorry.. My hope is that it will generate some great dialogue among us. I don’t have the answers, but I know who does. (wink)

Photo cred: Jonda Cherry & Ujima Magazine Source: Google Image search