Build your base

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It’s okay to be Transparent…

So often in life we create facades with people we meet and over time the quote-unquote “real” you starts to come out in the relationship. Sometimes this is a good thing and other times (most of the time), not so much… When this happens, you feel a little betrayed and annoyed… (this could be a whole other article, but I want to keep it focused on Business relationships)

I’ll give you an example as it relates to Networking: You meet someone at a business networking event and for all intents and purposes had a great conversation. In the end you exchange contact information and schedule a follow up over coffee. When you arrive for your casual cup of Joe, you’re met with not only the new connection but his supervisor and an observer, because they like the “team approach” (I prefer the term, ambushed!) with all of their clients….. Umm, What?!?!

Tip: If you’re out looking for low hanging fruit from these networking events (which I don’t recommend), when scheduling your follow up’s, it’s okay to be transparent and ask for permission to talk shop or to invite others. I’d much rather know ahead of time what your expectations are and have the opportunity to accept or decline your invitation to move forward in a business relationship. You’ll be surprised how much better these follow up’s go when everyone is prepared and on the same page. In my opinion these types of meetings should only happen after you’ve established rapport and trust with each other. But I know sometimes there is an immediate need that needs to be addressed. So, just be aware and don’t ambush your new connection because it will have lasting ramifications and tarnish the reputation you are trying so hard to build. Networking is all about relationships and as you know, these take time and effort…